IP Commercialization

IP Commercialization The process of turning a creation or invention into a commercially feasible product, service or process is knows as Commercialization of Intellectual Property. But prior to launching a product or a service to the market, it requires a lot of additional Research and Development, artefact development, clinical trial or improvement in techniques as a prerequisite for commercialization. It stems from the formation of IP that empowers the creator or inventor to protect the work to exploit its commercial value.

The recent National IPR Policy supports and enables the Entrepreneurs to get value for their IPRs through Commercialization. Most of the business proprietors don’t have any idea about the impact of their brand on the value of their business. The intangible assets such as Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks, Designs, etc serves more value than the tangle assets of any business. Also through commercialisation of their IPR, one can attract more investors to his business.

IP Commercialization Process

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